Trust The Process

Updated: Jul 26

Now I don’t doubt that GOD in all HIS Splendor and Glory can change someone overnight. But from a lifetime of observation, it is more so a process, and transformation takes time.

What happens after you accept JESUS as your LORD and Savior? What should you be doing? Are you all of a sudden supposed to stop smoking weed and going out to clubs? Does that feeling of wanting to party and dance close to someone just go away? For the most part… It doesn’t! And so, we struggle. The Bible can be read with different lenses, and one of the lenses I have seen it through is the lens of “the human condition”. We heard it before, after Adam and Eve humans were born into sin.

We are born into sin?

Think about that for a second. People talk about father time being unbeaten… No one except The CHRIST has overcome sin. We all sin and therefore fall short. Which brings me back to where we started… After accepting JESUS what should you be doing? Who should you be? You heard it over and over again that “You are a new creation.” “You are reborn.” But you still have those same old urges and desires that linger. Of course you fight it! You resist at first as hard as you can. Some people are successful and you see the change in them immediately. But here you are still messed up and sinful. And so you fall… You sin again… But it’s just this once… But it happens again… And again… And again. How many times will GOD forgive you? You are messed up and have always been and you never realized it until you got saved. Salvation made it clear how disgusting you are. What the hell is wrong with you?