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Purpose Rediscovered

My sisters and my brothers in CHRIST, I hope all is well. As we traverse this thing called life, let us love and support each other. As we connect through this space, I hope these blogs encourage and strengthen each of you. I will do my best through these blogs to bare my soul and try my best not to hide behind my pride and keep vital truths from you my fellow believers. This is my offering to The LORD, what I contribute to GOD's Kingdom. I want a space where people feel if they make a mistake it is still ok to approach The LORD. We don't condone sinning, but we we will never condemn the sinner. We all struggle with our flesh and our desires; our will combats the LORD everyday. That doesn't make us terrible, it just makes us... Human. I am going to keep up with these blogs so that we can connect. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime. With out further a do... This new entry...

Living this thing called life is one of the most daunting task. As Christians we have a book our LORD left for us to help, but the book isn't a step by step guide. Important moments are captured and a lot of information is revealed. A lot of revelation is given by GOD ALMIGHTY HIMSELF, but honestly... I still get lost. When I say lost I don't mean when reading the bible, cause I do get lost reading the bible but GOD reveals to me when I need it and there are some amazing teachers of the word. But I mean I am lost when it comes to living. It's more so when I sin... Let's talk about it.

I always feel guilty after sinning which is natural. But what I have struggled with is because of the sin, I am really scared to approach GOD. I feel wrong praying to my GOD after I just wronged HIM by doing what I know I ought not do. Now that can stem from a number of different things like my childhood, my own thoughts etc. Now when I say my childhood, I mean that I grew up with a deep sense of accountability. You know better, therefore you should do better. All true but not the case when living with the human condition. The Bible clearly preps me and lets me know that I am a sinner and I will sin. So what is it about me that makes me think that I can not approach The LORD and ask for forgiveness?

The first thing about me is that I struggle with a severe disease called pride! Being a servant of The LORD I shouldn't be this way, but here I am. When people wrong me, I have a hard time letting it go. I mentioned earlier I have a high sense of accountability and that causes me to believe that people should think before acting and that every action by someone is deliberate... And here in lies my first issue... I am a certain way ,therefore GOD must be the same way. Isn't that how we as people believe. We project unto others when in reality we are nothing like The ALMIGHTY. But it was also a way for The LORD to soften my stance on the matter. If I am this severe with people who wrong me, then I need to be prepared for GOD to be just as severe with me. It's fair when you think about it. Listen to what JESUS says in Matthew 6:14 "For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly father will also forgive you." By reason if you can't forgive others, then how can The Heavenly FATHER forgive you? So softening my stance and being forgiving is a way to gain forgiveness from DAD. That verse in Matthew 6 is amazing but here is one of my favorites. This one comes from The Rock himself, The Apostle Peter "Above all, love one another deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins." Did you just read that? Yes you just read those words which can be found in 1Peter 4:8. We can get into the semantics of love and what Peter meant. But the reality of it is... Forgiveness is an act of love... Now for me it isn't about love for the person I am forgiving; but love for GOD my FATHER! It's a hard concept to explain, but let me give it a whirl. Now if a family member or someone close to you wrongs you, you do love them and mustering that love to forgive them is easy to find in most cases. But what about a complete stranger? Now that isn't so easy now is it? Of course not. You don't know this person so how will love help? You love GOD therefore that love is what drives the forgiveness. See... This is the Love JESUS showed when HE gave HIS life for our sins; and I like to think that is also the Love that restrained DAD from obliterating this world and letting us continue to walk it. But we all know this isn't the love that is shown to a sinner or those who sin.

With no rule book on life we all do what we can to live. Now in life we see things, experience things and do things that all contribute to who we become and if I'm to be honest, the sins we commit. We are all prone from birth to sin, but life and everything we experience add layers and dimensions to it, that multiply the evil already lying with in. Though we all say we are sinners, some don't play the part as they hold those who sin in the deepest contempt. I am also very guilty of this and I thank GOD HE has humbled me. It took life beating me to a pulp to show me that I was not as righteous as I thought myself to be. So here I am... A man with and on a mission. To create a place for those who feel condemned and judged. For those who long to represent GOD but feel too dirty or unworthy to do so. For those who live everyday facing the same old shame over and over again. GOD is here and HE loves you deeply. I don't want you to think you are not loved because you are loved very much. Believe in GOD and HE will carry you into the person you were meant to be in LORD JESUS. Don't give up. Keep going and growing in HIS Love. And if you haven't yet... Start reading your Bible. You may not understand it all in one go, but pray before you read it that GOD talk to you and you will hear from HIM. Don't worry about what people say.

Thank you for your time. I hope this reaches anyone in need. I love you and I pray for you. GOD Bless you all... Later.

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