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Hi! I’m NuVeau: Faith

Against all hope, in hope I believe!

Imagine walking forward and not being able to see the ground you were stepping on in front of you. Each step you’re taking at your own risk, hoping that you are actually stepping on solid ground and not off a cliff. This is the unique place I find myself right now. I have been writing and recording music for years and right now I am releasing the music. It hasn’t been very easy and building a following and trying to get attention has been one of the hardest endeavors I have ever endured. But I am stalwart in my commitment to continue down this path. I have a new song releasing this month called “The Weekend”. Everything I have released up until this point has been met with a mixed bag, but I know there are still people out there who want to hear what I have. Of course I battle the common thing of uncertainty and insecurity that what I hear is not what they hear… But that is entertainment… It is subjective and I know that I am not going hard enough. My marketing knowledge isn’t that in-depth and I need to truly master coming up with a marketing scheme and sticking with it. I need to truly know and understand how to develop, cultivate and maintain a fan base. I am having extreme trouble with doing this. But in life we all have that one fight we feel is worth fighting for. This is that fight for me! Let’s talk!

If you have read any of my other posts then you know where I stand faith wise! There is a story about a man named Abraham. This is the guy to me because of his faith. Besides the whole waiting for a child that GOD promised him he would have eventually, Abraham heard from a being who told him to leave what he knew and to go into the unknown. Dude didn’t question, he packed up his wife, his nephew and his. nephew's wife and they were out of there. Imagine that for a second… You grew up somewhere and had all that you wanted, or better yet all you thought you wanted. Hear either an inner urging or heard from an invisible God, either way both are off the wall and then you pack up and leave! It was absolutely amazing. Abraham had no clue where he was going; he just believed GOD and left; and everything worked out for him. Of course there were lots of struggles that he and his family had to endure but yet and still in the end GOD kept every promise and Abraham got to see a version of life that many don’t get to see. Living by faith! You hear stories of people who have great jobs and pick up and leave to chase a dream, you hear of people who have all of the material things this life has to offer but turning their back on it all for an ordinary life in the middle of nowhere. Living in this day and age has changed all of our lives, or better yet it has clouded our faith. Because we are afraid to just listen to GOD! Now I know you are wondering what am I saying? Did GOD put me on this path? I believe so… I can’t say why I believe it, because that’s the thing with faith. GOD told you so it would only make sense to you. So by faith, I am trusting GOD! Because I am anxious to see GOD at work in this world! So I look forward to seeing this whole thing play out. I look forward to seeing GOD do his thing! I look forward to seeing reckless faith pay off!

Thanks for reading this, I really appreciate it!

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