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Hi! I'm NuVeau: Love

This is going to be a series of post in which I introduce myself to all of you. By the way I want to say thank you for taking the time out to read these post. Now this isn't just about me though... I want to meet all of you as well. I want to build our own little community where we all get to know each other, so feel free to email me at ... If you want to share your story and have everyone know you as well, send a bio and I'll post it here. In these divisive times, we need positive havens where we can congregate and Vybe. With out Further a due... Hi! I'm NuVeau.

I probably should call this dedication. But dedication doesn’t describe this… This being a grown man in his late 30’s still trying to make a name for himself in music… Hip-Hop nonetheless which is essentially a young man’s game. But like they say love can make you do some crazy things, including come out of a semi-retirement to stake a claim to something that’s been passed all around.

A broken system led music to this current free for all that is now known as, the music game. In my last post I shared my views on the current state of music and I believe it is truly the era of the fan. You as the fan have access to the artist you like and the music you like. For all intents and purposes you can listen to them all you want for free. To be an artist nowadays is a constant hustle of trying to get noticed and gaining market share. As artists we are putting ourselves out there to be scrutinized and dissected… Not only that, we are having to dip into and drain whatever financial reserves we may have to etch out some type of name for ourselves. Just short of selling your own soul you work and work for each loyal listener you get. But you have to keep it up… How do you do that? How do you keep going when it feels like you're walking up a steep hill with what feels like 1000 pound weights strapped to you? Love!

The Apostle Paul said it best…

"Love is Patient."

20 years I've been at this, people… 20 long years. So many failed relationships… So many lies, songs that were copyright infringed, infighting, difference of opinions, passive aggressive music people, Radio Program Directors lying, groups break up, new groups for

med, new groups break up, going solo, destroying credit to pay for studio time. This all sounds like a nightmare to most people… And it was. Why would anyone put themselves through this?

Love… I love music! The creative process! The recording! The performance! I love every single part of the music process. It wasn’t until I took a break from music that I realized how much I loved entertaining people. I loved creating period! When I mentioned my semi-retirement I wasn’t joking. I really had a break forced up on me by my FATHER(GOD) Yeah, Yeah I know… “Here goes one of those crazy GOD people.” What can I say? I love GOD, but the music you get from me may not seem so cause I am not doing all worship music… I am doing music that I love and that I feel the world needs right now. And I’ll talk more about this relationship another time. But like I said. I was semi-retired. Still writing and recording every now and then… But I wasn’t marketing anything. My brother Lu was still going strong and my other brother JB was off being a great dad and husband. I was a guy who was part of the greatest band never discovered wanting the band back… But… No go. There were some issues which I’ll touch on in some later post. But safe to say Project 1804(eighteen-O-four) was not getting back together. So I got a 9 to 5 and worked for the man.

Doing what I didn’t love made me realize how much music meant to me. I hit my breaking point when I worked customer service for a major credit card company. I hated it! I hated talking to people who were entitled or felt entitled because they paid a bill on time. I was miserable and I realized how much I hated doing what wasn’t entertainment. But I had a huge issue with leaving this horrible job… Music never gave me any money. So frustrating… I had poured thousands of hours and dollars into a failed career and at this point I saw music as something unattainable. But more and more I saw new artists emerging who started from the ground just like me. I watched all of these videos and heard about the methods of marketing directly to fans. It seemed really taxing and time consuming… And it was… But it was only that because I was working for the definition of a living hell.

But GOD is good… And I had to accept that I was being lazy! Music could be done at a small level… I mean, some guys made a living off gigging and releasing an album every two or so odd years. Why couldn’t I? I was the reason! I had to stop looking at the long road ahead and just start walking. One foot in front of the other, step by step and I would reach that ever elusive destination. Honestly the me of old would have never seen it that way. I was one who wanted to get to the end as quickly as possible. I could never just enjoy the journey. But life had humbled me. And I really hated corporate America. So I would dive back in head first with no plan just faith and trust that it will all work out! But more so than that… I love music! I love all of you who listen and give me a chance! I love being able to meet new up and coming artists! I love being able to create! But most of all I love the fact I can’t see where this will go… I removed expectation and am just believing! Thanks for hanging with me and for reading. Later...

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