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Out Of Touch

This is an entirely different world for me from the music industry that I knew before. It's amazing and scary all at the same time.

Walk with me...

My name is Mike Fleurimond(pronounced Flurry-mond). Born in South Florida to two Haitian immigrants, where believe me Music is not a career path. In early 2000 me and my band mate JB started a group called Fresh Fellas. Our Group Mixed R&B and Hip-Hop together for what was at the time a whole new sound. Back then Music was all about getting signed by a label. Those were difficult times for a group that came from a city where the music scene to me was under developed. But it was an easier goal to wrap the mind around. But fast forward to 2020... Music feels like the wild wild west.

I think it's a good thing and a bad thing. See the good of it is no matter what there is still a divide between people and the access they have to fans. Because it is ultimately those with the funds that will be able to market themselves and get their music in front of the right ears. But the good thing is, now the people are more so deciding who they want to listen to. The influx of artist producing music right now is staggering. But does talent still dictate? Well as I look out into the horizon and now releasing my first song in years, it is daunting and scary. But I look forward to the challenge. Thanks for reading and remember to check out the single Vybe on all of your streaming sites. Love over Everything!

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