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Life is too Short to Live as Someone Else

Just want to take the time to welcome all of you to the website. Really appreciate you stopping by. For me it has been an amazing journey. But my journey hasn't been filled with exotic trips or grand adventures. No my life has been amazing because of what it took for me to be this version of me. All of us no matter who have to grow in one way or another. It can be hard, depending on how stubborn you are, or how well you learn. But No matter what, you will grow past who and what you were originally. So why not celebrate that. I feel like GOD created each of us to be unique. Free Will is an amazing gift, and the fact that I am me is proof not only of free will , but it is also proof that I lived. I may never reach a point in my life that I end up on someone's annals of time. But the fact that I was me the whole time is proof I chose, I wanted and I lived. Do Your thing! Be you un-tethered, unadulterated and unapologetic.

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