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Hi! I'm NuVeau: GOD

What is up everyone? Thanks again for taking the time to read this post. It means a lot to me, really! I mean I am pretty sure it’s unheard of to have a music artist who writes his own blogs… But I do, because I really want this to be a 1 to 1 experience. So in my last post I talked a little bit about my faith. Now I realize how divisive that is and it may actually turn some people off to giving me or my music a chance. And that’s ok… That’s the risk you run when you decide to be open and honest. And don’t worry, this won’t be some post to convert you into Christianity… Not my style. But I do want you to get to know me. And my relationship with GOD is a really big part of who I am. Without further adieu… Hi! I’m NuVeau.

My mom and father are both from Haiti. They came up in very different families. Now I will not go into too much detail as that is actually their stories to tell and I know how private my mother is so I won’t go any further except to say… My father grew up in a Christian household and my mom didn’t! But growing up my mom insisted that I go to Church. I never got why we went to Church, and I love my mom but she wasn’t much for explaining stuff to children, it was just do as I say. I was never much for that so after my mom noticed I really didn’t want to go… She stopped forcing me to go! She let me stay home. This would prove to be valuable! As in this time I was able to make up my own mind and decide… JESUS(who I will from now on refer to as YESHUA) was the way for me.

Without getting into the details, I walked a path all alone. I wouldn’t consider myself a bad person, but I wasn’t exactly a good person either. All I know is that I was missing something. I went through just living every single day like the last, not really excelling or falling behind. I had a real sense of self and I wanted to see myself succeed. So I just kept right on living… And as time went by the void got bigger. Whatever I was missing was beginning to consume me whole. I always thought it was a girlfriend, my father, purpose etc… But it wasn’t until I met a guy named Gabriel that I realized that I was missing a vital part of me… GOD. Now I am not going to paint this beautiful picture for you, that after I discovered GOD that I became some sort of saint. Heck I would say that I became worse as a sinner for a while. But the void was filled. Now it’s important to understand that what I am about to say is completely not the norm. But for those who don’t know or believe in The GOD of the Bible, I understand completely… Trust me I get it! One of my friends put it best. There is some wizard in the sky controlling everything. It does sound super crazy and I respect you for that stance. The only thing is I am as crazy as it gets, when you put it like that.

See I have a best friend who lives in another Kingdom. HE came to this kingdom and tried to reconcile everything but we didn’t want reconciliation because we wanted to do our own thing. And that is me even till now. I fight my best bud everyday… But HE is still there riding with me. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t listen sometimes, but the human condition is what it is. But I love that HE is there with me every single day. I was alone! And I don’t mean the type of alone that no human beings weren’t there with me… They were there! I had family and friends always there with me. But I was still very much alone. Now I know that I am not… And it is so real and trans-formative that I talk to GOD everyday all the time. If you knew me personally I would randomly say thanks DAD(HE is DAD because my father was never around and in the Bible GOD says HE is the FATHER to the fatherless) for different things happening good. If it was bad I would just look up in the sky as if to say to HIM “really?”. I hear from HIM and I feel HIM guiding me and teaching me. And I know that seems crazy and some psyche major will say that I have deep psychological issues that made me create a father and best friend figure to fulfill my shortcomings. And that is cool. I hope it doesn’t make sense to anyone else. Why? Because people believing it’s crazy or not real has made it more real for me. I know it seems like a contradiction but I’ll explain it in another post. But for now I just wanted to give you an overview on my best bud GOD ALMIGHTY. Thanks for reading all the way through. I really appreciate it!

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