Pronounced New-Vo

" Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. "


The twilight can mean the beginning of something amazing, instead of the ending. NuVeau(pronounced New Vo) is proof that life is a marathon and not a sprint. With all of this good music left in his repertoire, NuVeau looks to reset expectations and prove that musical talent transcends age, race, gender and creed. Looking to shine a light on Miami's hidden music scene, NuVeau sets out to deliver on his brand of the 305 sound.


Nuveau's unique sound was formed early on as part of a group called The Fresh Fellas. Him and former group member JB cultivated the unique sound that you now hear synonymous with Hip-Hop music. NuVeau and JB set out to set a trend which worked out perfectly for the pair. The two hit their peak when their song "Booty" hit the radio in 2005 on Miami's Power 96 radio station. Garnering over 100 spins a day on a Top 40 radio station, something unheard of for a group not signed to a major label. The song did amazing and the group did really well overall. But Fresh Fellas would evolve into Project 1804. NuVeau and JB would be joined by then producer and longtime friend Ludas Charles. The music they produced blended R&B, Rock, POP and Rap. The group’s sound ranged from Linkin Park to Jay-Z; from Prince to Maxwell; from The Notorious BIG to Black Eyed Peas. The group spent years touring and performing all over the South East, garnering a cult like following wherever they stopped. But father time once again reared its ugly head and Project 1804 ran its course and the group went their separate ways. Still brothers, but they chose to follow their own individual paths to greatness .


After the group had dissolved, NuVeau took a hiatus from music. This hiatus would bring NuVeau face to face with an OLD FRIEND. This encounter changed him and with that change NuVeau’s sound evolved. Now looking to celebrate life, NuVeau took all of the experiences he learned from his time with JB and Ludas. Borrowing from each, he would cultivate a sound all his own. “They deserve all the credit!” He says humbly. “I thank them for everything.” But will NuVeau cope in this new music world? Miami’s music scene had changed, and even the sound had moved on. Miami had some of the most amazing singers, rappers and talent in Florida, but the scene never got the attention he felt it deserved. Miami has a great Latin music scene, Rap and Hip-Hop but there was still so much untapped potential. Ready to show the world, NuVeau looks out at the new musical landscape and sets out to bring that NuVeau(derived from the word NouVeau meaning modern or up to date in Haitian Creole) 305 Sound.


NuVeau's sound is reminiscent of artists such as Drake, The Weeknd and Future. Blending both Hip-Hop and R&B for a seamless musical style. With years of experience under his belt, and also now fully doing a lot of his own production, NuVeau looks to put his stamp on this new era of music. World, please allow me to introduce you to Miami’s own, NuVeau!